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Life Insurance / Family Protection

Do you have a family that is financially dependent on you? Would they struggle if you were to pass away? Do you have debts that would be left to others in the event of your untimely death?


Life Insurance pays out a lump sum if you were to die or be diagnosed with terminal illness. It can be used to protect loved ones from debts (funeral costs, unpaid loans etc.) that would become their responsibility in the event of an unexpected or early death.


Those with financially dependent children may also look to take out Life Insurance to make sure that if they were to pass away, there would be enough money to replace the loss of income that would be caused as a result of their death. The lump sum paid out could be used to make sure that the parent or guardian left behind could support the children and continue in a financially stable lifestyle. 

Up to date reports show that it costs an average of £230,000 to raise a child from birth until the age of 21 in the UK. This astonishing figure indicates that should a parent die the loss of income could create a huge shortfall in the amount needed to raise a child and pay for essentials, child care, education etc.


Make sure you and your family are financially protected and speak to one of our agents today!