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Over 50s Plans

Are you concerned that your family would have to cover the costs for your funeral when you pass away? Do you have medical conditions that have prevented you from getting life insurance in the past?


An Over 50s Plan has a guaranteed acceptance. It is guaranteed to pay out for people between the age of 50 and 80 who want to make sure that they will leave a lump sum to their loved ones when they die.

Over 50s plans are particularly beneficial for people with medical conditions that would prevent them getting standard life insurance. However, unlike term-based life insurance policies – Over 50s Plans GUARANTEE to pay out the sum assured upon death, or on diagnosis of a terminal illness.


If you don’t have significant savings and want to make sure that there will be enough money to cover funeral costs and/or leave something to your family when you die, then an Over 50s Plan could offer you that peace of mind.


Please see below for typical features of an Over 50s Plan:


  • Guaranteed acceptance (if aged between 50 and 80)
  • No medical questions required
  • Guaranteed lump sum pay out
  • Premiums payable till age 90
  • Terminal illness benefit included (after moratorium period)
  • Premiums paid back if death occurs within first two years of policy
  • Select a beneficiary to receive the pay-out
  • Funeral funding option available (please ask for details)